Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn: Leafs over a Multichrome Gradient

Hello everyone!

Sunday's challenge in Adventures In Stamping was "Autumn nails". I was inspired by Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more..., and wanted to try to make a multichrome gradient too. I used three polishes from Enchanted Polish's "The Imagine Collection" for the gradient, over a black base. Then I top coated and stamped black leafs over it, and top coated again. The leafs are from Messy Mansion's "Rose plate"; MM07. If you want to see a rose mani I made in May when I used MM07, click here. I've also used the leafs from MM07 to help me paint leafs in this cherry mani.


GOSH: Nero

Enchanted Polish: Magical Mystery Tour (also used here and here)
Enchanted Polish: Hey Jude
Enchanted Polish: I Am The Walrus

Plate: MM07 from Messy Mansion
Stamping polish: Konad: SP Black
XL Stamper set

I used my soft squishy stamper for the first time, and now I understand what everyone was talking about. It's easier to use than my regular stampers, especially for curved nails.

There are no underwater pictures this time, because I had a little accident when coloring my hair. Apparently there was a hole in my glove... My finger has finally got it's skin color back, but it looks like I've done a very bad attempt of brown louboutin nails... Here is one photo taken in daylight after a lot of stress trying to make my finger tip look normal.

All the other photos were taken after it got dark, some in Ott-Lite, some under a fluorescent tube lamp, but most of them under an IKEA LED lamp.

I don't know why my nails always brake when I want to use Enchanted Polish. This time the pinkie nail is fake. It's still so short that it's impossible to cut the other nails to the same length. So maybe I have to use the other hand next month. But at least I've learned that it's easier to show all the colors of a mulitichrome on nails that are curved, than on my natural nails.

These Enchanted Polish multichromes are HTF at the moment. These were bought at Norway Nails, but they are sold out at the moment, so it's not possible for me to link directly. Some of them can be bought on eBay right now, but it's more expensive there. My advice is to find out which online stores that are shipping to your area, and find out when they are restocking Enchanted. You can try Harlow & Co, Norway Nails, and Llarowe. You can also take a look at Enchanted Polish's web site and facebook page.

Other brands also produce multichromes, but I don't know if they are cruelty- free.



  1. Wow it looks sooo magical! I love it.

  2. This is absolutely stunning, so, so gorgeous!!

  3. Wow, stunning result! I really love the stamping addition, too :).

    1. I learned from your gradient! :-) I think the IKEA LED lamp enhanced the multichrome effect, and as you can see the gradient didn't show that much on the photo taken in daylight (shade). But I chose my 3 most different multichromes just to be safe. The plan was to show the gradient without the stamping before this post... Thank you for inspiring me! I would never have made this nail art if it wasn't for you. :-) I'm looking forward to play with my ILNP multichromes soon.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it. Yes, autumn colors can be very beautiful. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! I loved it too, so I wish I didn't have to remove it.

  6. Doing a gradient with multichrome polishes was the best idea ever! IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I got the idea from Deborah, and it ended up well. Thank you! :-)

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks! The very bright artificial light probably enhances the multichrome effect, but I really liked this mani too. :-)

  8. OMG pure awesomeness! You did a gorgeous job here! <3
    Amazing pics as well!

    1. Thank you! Nice to hear that you like the photos too! ♥