Thursday, September 26, 2013

How I made the multichrome gradient

Hello everyone!

I took some photos when I made the multichrome gradient that you saw in my last post, (before I stamped the leafs over it). So if you're interested in a photo tutorial, just keep reading. I'm not taking credit for the method, I'm just showing you how I did it. I think I learned to use a fan brush from a Cutenails YouTube video, and how to mix the colors with a toothpick before making a gradient from The Nailasaurus. This is an easy and quick way of doing it when you use three polishes or when the polishes are transparent.

1. Apply basecoat, and a black cream nail polish, and top coat. (I chose to use black here, but you can do what you want of course.)

2. When the base is dry, find what you need for the gradient. This is what I used:

3. Put a drop of polish from each bottle on a line, leaving a little space between them (for mixing). (But maybe it was a bad idea to leave space between them...) Use the toothpick to mix two of the colors. I used the other side of the toothpick (or wipe it) to mix the other two colors. This photo is taken after that was done:

4. Dip the fanbrush in a way that picks up all the colors. Because the brush and the line of nail polish was wider than my nail length, I did it like this: I dipped one side first, and wiped up the middle, and then the other side. Then I brushed a few times back and forth on the plastic to make it blend a little, and to get all the nail polish onto the brush.

5. Brush it on one nail from side to side. Then start on 3 again, and do each nail the same way. (I know that the stripes of the fanbrush is visible, but that didn't bother me. If you want to, you can add one more layer.)

6. Then I cleaned up the nail polish around my nails with a flat brush dipped in acetone. (Because one nail was fake, I used acetone- free nail polish remover on that one). I usually take some photos before top coat is added. But I'm just showing one here.

7. Then I applied top coat. If I should stop here, I would have applied cuticle oil too. But I wanted to do some stamping, so I don't think I did. But sometimes, if I have used cuticle oil, I just use a Q-tip dipped in hand sanitizer to get the nails oil free before the stamping. (Not sure if that actually helps... Lol!)

That's it. It was quick and easy. But with cream nail polish I would probably use a sponge. What do you think? If you have good ideas on how to do this better, please tell me in a comment.

Complete list of what I used:

fast drying base coat: IsaDora: #600 Clear
fast drying top coat: Seche Vite
GOSH: Nero (black creme)
Enchanted Polish: Magical Mystery Tour (teal- purple- etc. multichrome)
Enchanted Polish: Hey Jude (green multichrome)
Enchanted Polish: I Am The Walrus (copper multichrome)
plastic bag (as palette)
flat brush (for clean- up)
nail polish remover
egg glass (for the acetone)
cuticle oil: Mi- Ny: Therapy Oil+ Cuticle & Nails With Vitamines E & F

Mi-Ny, Enchanted Polish, Gosh, and IsaDora are not tested on animals. (I have no information about Seche Vite.)

I have a lot of photos of the gradient, but I guess you want to see something else now, so I'll wait a week or something, and show the rest of the photos then. Unlike the photos (with the leafs) in the last post, the ones above are taken before the sun went down.



  1. Gorgeous! I've never thought of using a fan brush for a gradient, I'll have to try it now :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, you should! At least with 3 polishes that are a little sheer, I think it can save some time. :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing your talent and this process. It is quite enticing to try. It is very beautiful.

    1. You're welcome! I hope it was helpful. Thank you! :-)

  3. OMG!!! Absolutely amazingly gorgeous!!!! Thank you for the tutorial, what a great idea!! Great photos too :)

  4. Thank you! I stole the idea to make a gradient from Deborah from "Love. Varnish, chocolate and more...". I found it easy to do it this way. :-)