Saturday, October 25, 2014

BB's Autumn Challenge: RED - Eldad's Lucky Leash Nail Art - Eldad Hagar's dog rescue videos -

Hello everyone!

The inspiration for these nails are Eldad Hagar's dog rescue videos on YouTube. When he rescues dogs, he uses a red leash; Eldad's Lucky Leash, and I hope my nails remind you of it. ♥ I've selected a few of Eldad's amazing videos for you. So make yourself comfortable and make sure to have some tissues available, press play, and see how Eldad manage to get close to these traumatised dogs and make them trust him enough to change their lives. I hope you'll enjoy these videos! ♥

If you're interested in the nail art, feel free to scroll down after this sneak peek.

Here is a dog rescue video made by Eldad Hagar:

And here is one more:

This is the organization he links to in the video: It rescues dogs and other animals who are suffering. Hope for Paws is created by Audrey and Eldad Hagar.

And here is one more video made by Eldad Hagar:

How can anyone abandon their dog when they move? It's good to know that people like Eldad Hagar can come and rescue them, and to see how much better their lives get.

And here is one more video with a happy ending:

There's a very cute video for you at the end of the post.

Sadly, this rescue work doesn't get government funding, and I don't expect any of my readers to support rescue workers. But if you know someone who could give them a million or billion without ruining anyone's life, please show them these videos! Or if you share a video, and it gets shared and shared, and shared, you might help raise money and help more dogs. Or the video you share will reach a person who can give a dog a forever home.

So feel free to share his videos and anything from this blog post; videos, photos, or my blog post! :-)

If you want to take a look at Eldad's Lucky Leash to compare to my nail art, click here.

If you want to try this, please be careful, and watch this first: Stray dog rescue - step by step. And if cheeseburgers are not accessible or very expensive where you live, just use what you have. Tiny peaces of dried liver could be an option. Dried pig ears also seem to be tempting... 

This photo looked better after photoshop, didn't it?

Same as the first photo, no photoshop

No, the dog was not made when I was a child...

I did both hands for once, which felt good. But it was a challenge to photograph all fingers without a tripod. Yes, I'm holding the camera with my knees! LOL! :-)

Left hand:

Right hand:

The nail art:

I've been thinking about this nail art for months, ever since I saw the first video. I made this when Red was the theme for the Blogger Bragger's Autumn Nail Art Challenge. I hope my nails remind you of Eldad's Lucky Leash; a red leash with yellow hibiscus flowers, small blue flowers (Forget me Not?) and green leafs. I didn't have this kind of orange- red, but luckily I found a similar red on vacation. And when MoYou London released their Tropical stamping plates in August, I knew I had what I needed to make this.

I just painted my nails red and stamped the flowers and leafs on.

Products used:

Red polish - OPI: Cajun Shrimp
Stamping plates:
MoYou London: Tropical collection 02
Konad m77
Stamping polish:
Mundo de Uñas: 5 Turquoise, 11 Yellow, 25 Pastel Pink, 48 Military Green
Top coat: Seche Vite

and clay to make the dog

OPI: Cajun Shrimp is nearly a one coater, and a dream to work with. Sadly the red looks a little too orange on some photos.

If you buy Eldad's Lucky Leash, you can take a photo of your dog with the leash, and post it on Flickr.

Please help Eldad Hagar by sharing his videos! 

Easy way to share a video:

1 Click on play (the triangle)
2 Click on "YouTube" in the lower right corner
3 Click on like (a hand under the video)
4 Chose your social media by clicking on it (facebook, twitter, G+, etc.)
5 Click on share/ tweet/ etc.

Here is a cute rescue video for you! :-D Look how happy this puppy is in his new home! 

To see more videos, click here or wait for the next one. And when you have seen them all, subscribe, and you have next weeks rescue video to look forward to, just like me!

 ♥ Thank you Eldad Hagar for everything you do! ♥

Have a nice weekend everyone! ♥ Feel free to share!

EDITED: Feel free to link to other animal rescue organizations or animal helpers in the comments below! :-)



  1. Lani thanks to you too for everything you did for stray dogs ! in almost every country there is a huge problem.i have adopted baby dog 1999yr, very sick ,almost dead, but she is still with me in my part of town every year my home work is to "build" a tone of dogs and cat houses.all i need is some patient and cartoon boxes bags tapes! so they could be on dry place during the rain snow and minus outside ! dont be angry please i will leave you a link just to see all our rescued dogs:
    thank you very much you support stray animals ! I♥U

    1. Yes, in many countries. It's strange that the leaders in those countries let this happen. Thank you for linking! You do a lot! ♥ I just made this mani, after I saw how Eldad Hagar/ helps dogs. Did you see that you can share your nail art for a good cause on Nail Polish Queens?

  2. It's indeed a worthy cause - fortunately we don't have stray dogs in Denmark, they all have homes, more or less loving of course...
    I love this mani :)

    1. I'm glad you like it! ♥ It's good to hear that Denmark is a so good country. I'm surprised how big the problem is in the US, and they also have puppy mills! :-( I've never seen stray dogs in north west Europe, but I've heared that Romania has a problem with stray dogs.