Sunday, October 12, 2014

52 Week PICK N MIX Challenge - 3 colour gradient

Hello everyone!

The prompts for this week are "3 colour gradient" and "pink". I've already showed you my pink mani. This is my gradient. To see my photo tutorial and read how I made it, click here. This was the base for a stamped manicure; Autumn: Leafs over a Multichrome Gradient.

I used:

fast drying base coat: IsaDora: #600 Clear

black polish: GOSH :Nero
a fanbrush
a toothpick
and 3 multichromes from Enchanted polish:

Enchanted Polish: Magical Mystery Tour 
Enchanted Polish: Hey Jude
Enchanted Polish: I Am The Walrus

fast drying top coat: Seche Vite

a fake nail for my broken pinkie

I had to publish this before the deadline. Now I've added more photos:


I think the rest are taken under this LED lamp.

If any of you nail polish makers are reading this; Please make some pastel multichromes and bright multichromes! :-)



  1. WOW, Wow - did I mention WOW - this is absolutely fantastic and gorgeous - ethereal springs to mind <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Nice to hear that you like it so much! ♥

  3. very attractive look ! i like it !