Thursday, October 23, 2014

My nails are on Random Nail Art!!!

Hello everyone!

Random Nail Art

I just wanted to tell you that my nails are on Random Nail Art! I was very happy when I got invited to share my nail art on Random Nail Art, (and even happier when I got more views). That's why there's a new button on the right side on my blog, that looks like the one above. Have you seen it? 

If you want to discover new nail art or new nail art blogs, just click on the button, and click on the next purple button. If you want to see nail art by another blogger, just click on the purple button on top of that page, and a different blogger's nail art will appear, and click again for a different bloggers nail art, and so on. It's nice if you just want to relax and look at nail art. 

Random Nail Art is a new site for nail art only. I've been told that we already are about 100 bloggers from all over the world, who have shared links to an enormous amount of nail art. If you're curious about which bloggers are participating, just click on the button above, and you'll find "The Random Nail Art Blogger Community" in the menu. Click on it to find thumbnails with links to our blogs. Or click here.

I don't know how The Sparkle Queen got this amazing idea to make a site where she not only adds links to different bloggers' nail art, but makes it possible for the nail art posts to be in rotation. This is what she wrote after we reached 5000 unique nail art posts! Yes 5000!!!

If you want to find out more about this site and how it works, just click on the large button to get started. 
Random Nail Art

♥ Thank you Sparkle Queen for letting me be a part of this community! ♥