Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas nail art stickers (382)

Hello everyone!

I have been contacted by KKCenterHk again, and one of the things I chose are these Christmas stickers. Nail stickers is an easy way to make a special mani on big days, when you have too much to do and think about. I will show the stickers used on an accent nail, with one image on each nail, and with glittery tips. Christmas is only one month away!

First I'll tell about the stickers, and then lots of photos.

One pack of stickers is enough for 3,5 full manis. So there are 6 of each image. There are 6 different images. I have used 4; Santa, snowman, penguin, and a tree with a star.

The images are in many colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, and white, with glitter. But because the stickers are placed on see through plastic, it's easy to check which polish will work best.

There are instructions on the back side.

KKcenterHk have very many stickers, or 3D Nail Seals, as they call it. So if you want Christmas stickers that are more monochrome, you have many to choose from. But if you want to use these stickers and you want your mani to match different colored clothes, you can either choose to just do an accent nail, like I did with the snowman, or you can add glitter, or you could only use two images on all the nails. Or you can use all the different colored stickers and add a multicolored glitter french, to enhance the multicolor look so much that your mani actually goes with nearly everything.

Different image on each nail:

Accent nail:

With glitter tips:

Nail stickers: 3D Nail Seal Xmas Christmas Bell Tree Penguin Design Seal-382 [3D-382]  
H&M: Je t'aime
Deborah Lippmann: Happy Birthday
top coat

Thank you KKCenterHk for giving me these Christmas stickers and the coupon code "Nailphotos by Lani". You can use this coupon code and save 10% on your order until January, 31st, 2014. (Edited January, 2013)



  1. Those stickers are really cute! :)

  2. Great post, the penguin is SO adorable!

    1. Thank you! Yes, isn't he? I'm not used to penguins for christmas, but he is one of the reasons why I chose these.