Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sat- ART- Day Club: Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose

Hello everyone!

Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose

It's Saturday again (and let's pretend it still is...), and today's Sat- ART- Day Club theme is "Vampires", as you hopefully can see. And if you have a feeling that you have seen this before, it's probably because you have. I have tried to remake Fleury Rose's Vampire Kiss nails. I used her Vampires Kiss tutorial that I found on the blog Fear no Beauty.

Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose, and the original

Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose

Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose

Because I had a tutorial to follow, I thought this would be easier than it was. I really struggled to get the teeth even. It was also hard to make nice lines with the black poster paint. The reason I used poster paint, was that I thought black was included in my acrylics paint set. But at least it was possible to remove the poster paint easily with wet cotton. That didn't happen with the acrylic paint, and when I went and found my white poster paint, I found out that it was completely dry!!! So I had to use the white acrylic paint. And as usual I took photos before adding top coat, in case I would ruin everything with it, but this time that went well, except that I hadn't noticed that my middle finger needed a touch up. And the top coat made the colors pop, and even made the white more white. But when I saw the photos, I became sad, but decided to show this even though it is not perfect. I wish I could make nice lines, and get everything nice and even.

What I used for: Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose


Nail polish: 
H&M: Red (from the 5- pack mini set I bought in July)
IsaDora: #600 Clear (base/ top coat)

Black poster paint: Lamp black
White acrylic paint: Titanium white

Two small brushes

Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose

Vampires- inspired by Fleury Rose

And below you can find thumbnails to the other participants' vampire nails!