Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to make one snowfall last a year, and be able to take winter nail photos whenever you want to.

Hello everyone!

Yes, it's that time of the year again. It's getting colder, (at least here in the north,) and it's time to change to winter tires. Do you have a lot of winter nail art ideas or stamping plates, but wait for the first snowfall so that you can have a snowy background on your photos? I can take those snow photos whenever I want to, because I froze down snow last winter. And today I want to show you how I did it. If it rarely snows where you live, it can be fun to enjoy the snow a little longer.

Two ways to get a winter background for your nails when it's not winter:

When I took my Midsummer/ Midwinter French Nails photos this summer, I used snow from a bag I had in the freezer. But the year before, when I took the Penguin Day Nails photos, my boyfriend used a knife, and cut out some pieces of frost/ ice from the freezer. Then the only thing you have to do is not defreeze the freezer as often as you should.

How to make real snow last:

Make sure that you have what you need, before it gets below 0 degrees Celsius at night.

All you need is:
clean spoon
zipper plastic bag/ or a plastic bag that you can close

The bag doesn't have to be plastic when it's cold. But when you take the bag out of the freezer, it's easier to have the snow in a plastic bag, in case it starts to melt.

Then, when you have what you need, just wait for it to start snowing, and check the weather forecast.


What you want is clean white snow. So it can be a good idea to use snow from a garden table, instead of the snow on the ground or close to a road. As I try to show you below, the cleanest snow is in the middle. But if you have fresh snow, the snow on the top is also clean.

Then use your spoon, and fill your bags. But remember to leave some space for air in each bag, before you close it.

I used these small bags, or the ones I use for fluids on the plain, because we have a tiny freezer. But if your family think it's ok to fill the freezer with snow instead of food, use bigger bags if you want to.

I put my bags in the freezer when I had filled them, but of course you can wait until it nearly gets warm enough for the snow to start melting.

Then, when you are ready to use your snow, just shake the bags. Or if it has turned into a snowball, use a fork to make it look more like snow. If you want it to look like a bigger pile of snow, put the snow on something white, and your nails on it, and focus on the nails and snow only.

What's also nice about being able to take snowy pictures when you want to, is that you don't have to work in the low winter light. But if there is snow outside, and you have OttLite or other good indoor lighting, you can make a little snow studio inside.

Good luck!