Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ninja Polish: Divinity

Hello everyone!

This is Ninja Polish: Divinity. (Sorry, but this polish is out of stock.) I'm still trying to make blog posts about the photos I have in my many folders. And these photos are from April. So I don't remember if I used two or three coats, but I did use Seche Vite. This polish consists of a purple base, and has a shimmer that is mainly copper colored, so often the polish looks burgundy. The copper shimmer can change to gold or green, especially if you move your nails in odd angles. The polish can also look purple with copper/ gold/ green shimmer. In other words: it's one of these fun polishes to photograph.

Divinity is from the Enigma collection. There are only two polishes in the collection. The other one is red and called Ambrosia, but I didn't buy it.

I have used Divinity twice before here on the blog; here and here.

Rhonni and Stephanie, the Polish Ninjas, run Ninja Polish. Ninja Polish is the name of their nail polish line, but it is also the name of their online shop where they sell nail polish that is hard to get in the USA, and stamping equipment, and plates like DRK, Fun, MJ, and Nailz Craze.

Sorry, but Divinity is out of stock, but it's possible to register here, to get an email when it's back. Actually most of the Ninja Polish bottles are sold out. I wish Alexandrite and Mysitc Glacier were still for sale.

Which Ninja Polishes have you tried?