Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pink Saturday with Emily de Molly stamping & entertaining video :-)

Hello everyone!

Many are wearing pink nail polish or nail art this month, because October is breast cancer awareness month. I had planned to take part in Pink Fridays, but now it's Saturday... If you want to join in, you can add your link at the end of this post, below a lot of other pink nails made for Pink Fridays. I'm going to let these cute men do the talking today:

More photos of the manicure:

What I used to make this stamping nail art:

Base: Emily de Molly. Where boys fear to tread
Stamping plate: Emily de Molly: EDM02
Stamping polish: Konad: SN Dark purple/ Eggplant
Sticky squishy XL Stamper

This time I used my normal base coat (IsaDora # 600 Clear), and 2 coats of Where boys fear to tread, and the fast drying top coat (Seche Vite). The stamping plate worked very well, but I wish I had bigger nails and that I was better at lining up the images. I also felt that the XL Stamper made the lines more curved. So I'll try a different stamper for the straight lines, or to roll the image on in a better way. The image size is 1,8 cm x 1,5 cm. The plate is 7 cm in diameter, like the Messy Mansion plates. And it has 7 images, although I only show 6 of them here. I love the color of the Konad polish, but next time, I'll use cuticle oil on my skin before stamping, to get the polish off my skin easier.

Remember to check your breasts on the same day of your menstrual cycle every month, and if you're not sure if there are changes, or if you feel a lump, tell your physician as soon as possible, and he/ she will help you from there. In most of the cases it's not cancer, but it's important to find out as early as possible. If you don't check your breasts, your physician can do it for you.

If you want to, you can take a look at the pink nails below.



  1. This is so pretty, I love the stamping color in combo with the base color!

  2. Your stamping is gorgeous!

  3. This is truly beautiful! :) Nice job!

  4. Thank you! Your comments mean a lot to me! I'm sorry, but I think think I've written the wrong name of the Konad polish. I think the correct name is Konad Wine Red. Sorry! There are no names on the bottles.