Thursday, October 10, 2013

No name on the bottle, just 11

Hello everyone!

There is no name on this bottle, just the number 11. But it says that it's a 10ml bottle made in the EU. I bought this nail polish on Lindex in September 2012, so I thought it was time to show the photos. In the bottle the polish looks purple with teal or blue shimmer. But the color you see in the first coat, and in the bottle, kind of disappears and the shimmer builds up, and it looks more blue for each coat. The three first pictures show the bottle color. The rest are taken outside.

Edited: This is the underside of the bottle. On the label it says 11.

Lindex is a Swedish chain of stores that sells clothes, and some of the stores sell cosmetics too. Lindex can be found here.

Have you seen bottles like this? Do you know the name of this brand?



  1. This is mad cool! I LOVE the color! SOOO pretty :) You have awesome nails! I really like your blog btw! It looks like 11 or 17? Anyway great work/art!

    1. Thanks! Nice to hear that you like my blog! Sometimes I wonder if I include too many photos, so it's nice to get positive feedback about the blog. :-)

  2. Oh wow it's beautifull! To bad it has'nt a name.