Friday, February 8, 2013

December haul/ gifts

Hello everyone!

December 2012 hauls/ gifts

These are the things that I got in December. My mother gave me money for Christmas, and I used it to buy most of these nail polishes on sale between Christmas and New Years Eve. The rest of the money covered a large part of the stamping plates (that I already had bought). I also got Deborah Lippmann Let's go Crazy and the OPI nail polish remover for Christmas. And when I won the Chit Chat Nails Bundle Monster Giveaway, I used my 30$ coupon code to order the 2012 stamping plate set and 5 glitter wheels from Bundle Monster :-)

Nail polish:

I didn't take extra photos of the CND Solar Speed Spray, and the OPI nail polish remover, but let's start with the nail polish!

Gina Tricot:

Gina Tricot: Aspen gold, Flirt with me

From left to right: #17 Aspen gold, #88 Flirt with me


Winter Purple, Pine Green, Cognac.

Midwinter daylight:

Pieces: Winter Purple, Pine Green, Cognac 

Ott- lite:

Pieces: Pine Green, Cognac, Winter Purple

Yellow light:

Pieces: Pine Green, Winter Purple, Cognac
This is the most color accurate of Winter Purple:

Pieces: Winter Purple


H&M: Pink Macaroon, Pink bling bling

H&M: Honey I'm Home, Chica Boom Boom, Nerd, It's Meant To Be
Honey I'm Home,Chica Boom Boom, Nerd, It's Meant To Be

(I think these were 80% off)

Other brands:

Deborah Lippmann: Let's go Crazy, IsaDora: Orient Express, Nostalgic nail lacquer: Date at Midnight with Nosferatu
Left: Deborah Lippmann: Let's Go Crazy (multicolored glitter in purple base)
Middle: IsaDora: #743 Orient Express (used in BLING Nails- Polish Days December)
Right: Nostalgic Nail Lacquer:  Date at Midnight with Nosferatu (also used here)

I felt that the IsaDora polish was free, because I needed base coats, and they had a "buy two, get one free" sale

Stamping plates:

HB 23:
The diameter of this stamping plate is 6 cm, but the snowflakes are small and beautiful. They are in different sizes, but most of them are around 5 mm.


Messy Mansion:

MM02 (also used here)
This is a limited edition New Years plate. The diameter is 7 cm, which is bigger than the other stamping plates. (Konad and Bundle Monster are 5,7 cm.) With full nail images of this size, it's possible to use different parts of the image so that all the nails don't look identical. The other images are also big; Big Ben is 1,9 x 5,0 cm. The text is 1 x 0,8 cm. The clock is 1 cm in diameter. The balloon image is  0,9 x 1,1 cm.

Messy Mansion MM02

Messy Mansion MM02


Konad stamping plates

My 8 first stamping plates from Konad :-) Sorry about the snow, but I hope you can see the images. It was difficult to get one photo of them all inside without reflections.

Konad: m 57, m59, m63,
m65, m66, m69,
m77, m78

Bundle Monster:

Bundle Monster 2012 stamping plate set, nail art wheels

There are 25 stamping plates in the Bundle Monster 2012 set. Some are with small images, and some are for french manicure, but most of them cover the entire nail. Most of you have probably seen these plates. If not, click here. These nail art wheels are a nice starter set for me. Now I can try these different things, and see what I like.
These are the things I chose when I won the Chit Chat Nails Bundle Monster Giveaway :-) Thank you Marta!

I still need tiny brushes, but what else would you buy if you were building up a nail art and stamping plate collection? Do you have any brushes to recommend?



  1. Wow chica boom boom is so eye-catching and bright! I hope it looks just as good on the nail

    1. I hope so too! I haven't tried it yet, but it looks very bright on the nail wheel. I used to not like orange, but now I've really started to enjoy it.

  2. Maybe you should get some extra stampers too? In my collection I have many detailing brushes and short stripers so buy as many as you can afford and nail art wheels for practice. I don't know if you are a bling lovin' girl but i have lots and lots and LOTS of rhinestones and glitter