Friday, February 22, 2013

January haul

Hello everyone!

January haul (2013)

I have already started to use what I've bought this month, so today I'm showing you what I bought in January. I didn't buy very much: 3 new from Pieces, one from Gina Tricot, and the rest from H&M.


H&M: Play It, Run Baby Run

Play It, Run Baby Run. The color of Play It is a little strange. It looks like a mix of grey and silver with one drop of green. Run Baby Run is as you see it. Maybe I'll wear it when I watch the Oscars.

I liked H&M Bella's Choice so much that I bought a backup bottle, when I found it, and it was 80% off. Here you see the first bottle:

H&M: Bella's Choice
I also found these tiny mini bottles (5 ml):
H&M: Go Green, Active Blue, Play it Coral, Sporty pink
Go Green is a very pale mint with gold shimmer. The coral and the pink are creams. Active Blue has blue and a little purple shimmer, and I'm not sure what to call the finish. Microglitter or foil?

Gina Tricot Beauty Nails:

Gina Tricot: #116 Cream. I'm wearing mi-ny: Blue Sky

#116 Cream has gold shimmer. I hope it will be visible on the nail.


Pieces: Red Mahogny, Fresh pink, Lilac Rose

Red Mahogny, Fresh Pink, Lilac Rose (also used here). All these are creams.

Did you buy any of these polishes? Do you want to see swatches of any of these, or of any polishes from earlier hauls?



  1. That Gina Tricot looks like it could be so pretty! I also hope the shimmer shows up!

    1. Sadly it didn't, but next time I wear it I'll try to remove the top layer and see if that helps. I like the shade, but it's streaky and I needed 4 coats.