Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Carpet Oscar Nails: Antique gold and red stamped louboutin nails with Boom Boom Pow

Hello everyone!

Red Carpet Oscar Nails

I had planned to make this mani before watching the Oscars, but I didn't start until I watched the experts talk before the show. I love to see what the stars are wearing, and to see who wins of course. But this year I was surprised by all the great singers.

Red Carpet Oscar Nails

Red Carpet Oscar Nails

Red Carpet Oscar Nails


Stamping plates:
Konad: m63, m69
Bundle Monster: BM- 303

Nail polish (from left to right):
Gosh: Nero
H&M: Antique Gold
Deborah Lippmann: Boom Boom Pow
Konad: Red
H&M: Red

What I did:

I painted my nails black to achieve the gorgeous bottle color of H&M Antique Gold with fewer coats, but I liked that it looked a little darker. I tried to make a little gradient with Antique Gold first, and then with Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow on the index finger and middle finger. But I wanted the fingers to look different, so I applied many layers on the pinkie, and the thumb and the ring finger are without glitter. Then I did the stamping, and painted the underside of the nail tips with a little brush. Next time I'll paint the underside earlier in the process. But this was my first louboutin nails, and I hadn't checked how to do it.

Red Carpet Oscar Nails

Did you watch the Academy Awards? Who did you wish would win? And if you made Oscar nails too, what did yours look like?