Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sat-ART-Day Club: Amethyst Pattern Skittle

Hello everyone!

The Sat- ART- Day Club has started again, and this first Saturday we are all making an amethyst pattern skittle. I chose to use my amethyst magnetic nail polish; Deborah Lippmann Berry Metal, and used five different magnets to make a different pattern on each nail. As usual you can find thumbnails with links to all the participants' amethyst pattern skittles at he end of the post.

Amethyst Pattern Skittle

I've written about Berry Metal from the Steal My Kisses set earlier. To see it, click here.

Amethyst Pattern Skittle

Here are the magnets I used:

Magnets used for the Amethyst Pattern Skittle

IsaDora- horizontal stripe pattern: thumb
Deborah Lippmann- magnetic wave design: index finger
IsaDora- star pattern: middle finger
China Glaze Magnetix II: ring finger
IsaDora- diagonal stripe pattern: pinkie

Amethyst Pattern Skittle

Deborah Lippmann describes the color of Berry Metal as amethyst. Here you can see how close the color of the amethyst stone is to the color of the nail polish.

Amethyst Pattern Skittle
It looks like many are doing the Laid- Back 31 Day Challenge, that started this month, but if anyone have had time to do this Sat-ART-Day Club challenge, you should find their thumbnails below :-)