Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's

Hello everyone!

Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's

The theme this week in the Sat- ART- Day Club is the 1960's. I was inspired by Jimi Hendrix clothes and albums, and Yayoi Kusama's dot patterns. First, I wanted to use aquarelle water color, but I had to take it off. I ended up using only nail polish, and painted, stamped, and painted, stamped again, and painted, and dotted. And the end result is very different from my sketches...

Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's

Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's

What I did:

First I painted my nails white, and then painted all the nails yellow and purple, and added top coat. Then I stamped a different pattern on each nail, and used the stamped image as a guide. I chose some very bright colored nail polishes and used a little round brush to paint on top of the stamped images, and tried to make psychedelic designs. I also added dots with a dotting tool, and stamped a peace symbol on my middle finger. But when I remembered what happened on the moon in July 1969, there was no more room left for space nails, not even for a moon.

Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's


A small dotting tool
Stamper & scraper (from KKCenterHK)

Stamping plates:
Bundle Monster: BM- 301, BM- 320
Konad: m63, m65, m78

Nail polish:
OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white)
Gina Tricot Beauty Nails: #17 Aspen Gold (yellow)
Linda Johansen Nail Candy: Lilac Lilly (lilac)
China Glaze: 108 Degrees (dark pink)
Gosh: #570 Peachy (orange)
Gosh: #571 Wild Lilac (purple)
H&M: No Mambo Jambo (green)
H&M: Blue my Mind (blue)
H&M: I'm not a kiwi (lime)
Konad Special Stamping nail polish: white, black, red.

Nail polish used to make the 1960's mani

Sat- ART- Day Club: 1960's

I wish I had more stamping polishes. I only have white, black and red. Do you have any stamping polishes to recommend? I'm thinking about buying a blue, purple, yellow and pink Konad stamping nail polish. And maybe green? Don't forget to take a look at the other participants' 1960's nails!



  1. These turned out awesome! Love the design!

  2. The progression of this mani is awesome! I thought you had water marbled them before I read the post.

    1. Thanks! Lol! I haven't succeeded with water marbling yet, so I got some help from stamping plates