Thursday, September 6, 2012

August haul

Hello everyone!

(If the photos appear to be too far to the right, please use Google Chrome!)
August Haul

This is what I bought in August. It's 8 nail polishes, a thinner and a sharp knife. For those interested in taking a closer look, click on "read more". I will tell a bit about each item after the jump.

OPI: Unfor- Greta- Bly Blue, OPI: Every Month Is Oktoberfest
OPI: These two are  from the Germany Collection (released in August), and you have probably heard about them, seen them everywhere, or own them. If not, Nailderella has a very good post about the collection here.

OPI: Every Month is Oktoberfest: dark and vampy color in the Zoya Jem family, but darker and the shimmer particles look smaller. I had expected a more purple color. When my bottle arrived, I was afraid that it was mislabelled because it looked too burgundy, like Germani- cure by OPI. But when I opened it and saw the blue color inside the bottle, I knew it was the right one. (15 ml)

OPI: Unfor- Greta- Bly Blue: blue with a little teal in it. (15 ml)

OPI: Unfor- Greta- Bly Blue, OPI: Every Month Is Oktoberfest

As mentioned earlier, OPI and H&M are on PETA's Cruelty- Free list. :-)


H&M: Blue Bliss, Mint Madness, Gentle Sky, Purple Glaze

H&M: Blue Bliss: holographic glitter in a sheer blue base. (9 ml) This looks like a OPI Last Friday Night dupe to me. What do you think? I held the bottles next to each other in a shop, but have not tried the OPI polish. In countries where OPI is expensive, this could be a solution. But to my surprise H&M don't sell the same nail polish in all countries. Blue Bliss also looks like a blue version of H&M Jo Is In The House. (I visit H&M every time I'm close to a store in case they will make a Teenage Dream dupe.) I think I will use Blue Bliss as a layering polish.

H&M: Mint Madness: pale green cream. 9 ml

H&M: Gentle Sky: green (with a little grey and teal mixed in?) with green shimmer. It looks darker in real life. I like the mini bottle! 7ml.

H&M: Purple Glaze: small purple and few silver and very few blue glitter and tiny silver holographic bar glitter in a clear base. 7 ml. Nice to have my first bar glitter after seeing photos of some gorgeous vintage and new bar glitters lately.

Prestige: #03 Topaz
Prestige: #03 Topaz
This is a new brand for me, so when I asked if it was tested on animals, and she pointed at a written statement above their nail polish rack, it made me happy. So I bought this polish. However, when I went through my photos I saw that it was their finished products that were cruelty- free... :-( !!! Here is a photo:

What Prestige Cosmetics writes about animal testing

This is a blue/ violet magnetic with a stripe pattern magnet, that you can use, and then turn to make stripes that cross the first stripes. I have tried it on a nail wheel, but it didn't work as well as I had expected. Hopefully it works better on my nails. 4,5 ml.

Prestige: #03 Topaz
b. young: #22

When I saw that b.young wasn't only selling clothes, but also nail polish, I decided to go home and find out if it was cruelty- free, although the woman working there said that it was cruelty- free. But I had seen one polish that I really wanted, and went back. Now I feel very bad for doing so, because I can't find it on the animal organisation's cruelty- free lists, and I have asked b.young, and they haven't replied! :-( This is a quite interesting color, so I wanted to tell you about it some weeks ago. But didn't feel that it was OK to tell about it if it is tested on animals.

This is a white- pastel pink- pastel green nail polish. On the nail it looks pink on the middle and green on the sides. I like the color, but it's easy to get too much polish from the brush, and it makes brush marks. I found the polish difficult to apply. When I bought it, she put it in this cute little bag with loose rhinestones in it:
b.young: #22

It was very difficult to photograph the pink, and the photo above, taken in the evening, is the most color accurate. Look at the pink and green bottle color! The photo below is taken in daylight. Can you see the green edges?
b.young: #22

The bottle (12 ml) reminds me of the Chanel bottle. Remember that the cap is detachable from the brush, so that you don't drop the bottle. I got nail glue on the cap, and tried to remove it with nail polish remover, but managed to remove the surface of the cap itself...



This one was very cheap. I bought it in my local pharmacy. It's for future fimo (modelling clay) cutting.

Nail Polish Thinner
Nail Polish Thinner
I searched and searched for nail polish thinner, and am glad I didn't just use nail polish remover as thinner, even though very many suggested it. No shops had it. In the end I asked in a nail salon. I only wish it came with a pipette. I don't know how I will manage to only get a few drops out of the bottle without a pipette. Any suggestions?



  1. I use an eye dropper to get my thinner out because it's the perfect size to fit inside the top of the polish bottle without making it spill down the sides. I think I got a 6 pack of droppers from my local craft store for just a few dollars. ☺