Saturday, September 29, 2012

September haul

Hello everyone!
September haul

I got the last two polishes I ordered in the mail yesterday :-), so I thought I might as well tell you what I bought, because I don't think I will buy more this month. And I've started using some of the polishes already. Let's take a closer look at what I bought:

September haul

I actually ordered the Konad starter set and and the black and red stamping nail polish in August, but it took a very long time to get here. (I thought I would need it for the KKCenterHk stamping plates, but I just needed stamping polish.)
Konad: red & black stamping polish, stamping nail art set

The set comes in a beautiful box with photos of advanced nail art and instructions. It includes a stamper and scraper, a stamping plate with flower images, and a mini bottle (5ml) of white stamping polish. I haven't started using it, but I've used the red and the black stamping polish (11ml). You can see the red used here and here. Stamping nail art is (as many of you know) a Konad invention. How does someone get those good ideas? I guess I would be rich if I knew...

September haul
Unknown brand: #11. This polish has no name on it, only the number, and it was in a display with no name. I bought it at Lindex, and I will update this post with the name of the manufacturer when they answer my mail.

I was very curious about this one, because it looks purple with teal or blue shimmer in the bottle, (and I expected it to be a dark cousin of RBL Scrangie,) but on the nail it looks blue. I have taken photos of it many weeks ago, but not had time to write the post.
Bottle size: 10ml.

Nail stickers:
I also bought these nail stickers that day at the mall, but in a another shop. And now I can't find them, so I had to use this photo.

September haul

I have shown you Gosh # 549 Holographic Hero, and used it as base color for my Black butterfly post. Bottle size: 8ml.
I managed to buy one more a few days later. I thought it was too late, but when I asked, the owner of the shop found it in a drawer! :-) :-) :-)

Kleancolor: Chunky Holo Nail Lacquer Mini Collection; #228, #230, #232, #233, #234, #236 

I know these bottles look big, but they are very small; 5ml. When I don't have a chance to see what a nail polish looks like, I prefer to order mini bottles. Especially if it is expensive. But this time I paid more for the shipping than for the set itself.
September haul

I didn't know that I am a girl "who knows her fashion statement is trendier than others" until I read Kleancolor's statement! :-)

On the back of the box you can also see the names of the bottles above (left- right):
#228 Chunky Holo Candy
#230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia
#232 Chunky Holo Clover
#233 Chunky Holo Teal
#234 Chunky Holo Purple
#236 Chunky Holo Black

These are jellys with small glitter, except for Chunky Holo Black, that has big holographic orange/green glitter. I have wanted CH Purple and CH Black since I saw them on a blog about a year ago. But when I got the set, I fell in love with Candy. I have been wearing it for days. It looks orange above, but it's actually more pink.

Linda Johansen:
Linda Johansen Nail Candy: Razzle Dazzle

Linda Johansen is the new name on my Cruelty- free list! :-) Linda Johansen has started her own cosmetics company, and her line of nail polish is called Nail Candy. EDIT: I had written that Razzle Dazzle is a purple with holographic glitter, but I think it is better to describe it a scattered holographic. I have tested it on a nail wheel, and was surprised that the holo shows best in the shade. According to Neglelakkmani this discontinued shade is now back in stock because many asked for it. I have struggled to get this polish. Bottle size: 11 ml.

September haul

These two are actually new/ released this summer. They are from the Flash Glam FX collection, that you might have seen on My Simple Little Pleasures after she won it.
September haul

I'm going to keep these little boxes in case I'll need them. What a clever way to pack nail polish bottles!
Orly: Rockets Red Glare, Sunglasses at Night

Rockets Red Glare: red small and big hexagonal glitter in a clear base
Sunglasses at Night: dark base with holographic bar glitter
These bottles are huge; 18 ml!

This is my first big red glitter, and I really wanted bar glitter after having seen both this one and vintage bar glitter on blogs the last months. I have a bar glitter (H&M Purple Glaze) that I bought in August, but that glitter is so tiny that you barely see the different shapes of it.



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    1. You should buy everything, except for the blue one, Kleancolor #234 and #233. And as the sign says; "Your husband called and said you can buy anything you want" :-)