Thursday, September 20, 2012

KKCenterHk unboxing and first look

Hello everyone!

When I saw these beautiful stamps, I knew that the parcel from KKCenterHk had arrived!!! :-) I remembered that I had seen someone else's photo of the stamps on her parcel, so I was very happy when I saw these beautiful photos of birds. And of course I had to take a photo of them too.

As you see, this parcel came from Hong Kong!!!
KKCenterHk contacted me earlier this summer and asked if I was interested in sponsoring. I became very flattered and happy, but at the same time I was concerned about animal testing. But after some thinking, we decided that they could send me products for nails that have not been tested on animals, and if I use their products, I will link to their web site, and if they like my photos of their products, they can use my photos if they link to my blog. I was pleasantly surprised that I got to choose which products I wanted. I was provided with links to some of their web sites headlines, and could choose 3 items. They have so much on their web site, so it was difficult to decide. We have emailed back and forth, so they told me what they had sent, and now you get a chance to see what's inside the parcel! So I hope you are ready to see photos of the unboxing.

(If the photos appear to be to far to the left, please use Google Chrome!)

When I unwrapped the bubble wrap...

...this emerged:

A cute pink stamper and scraper! That was a surprise! How kind of them!

So there were 4 little plastic bags, not 3! Du you see what it is? Let's take a closer look:

Here is one of the stamping image plates I chose. This one has a lot of animal images. The animal I fell for is the bear. I hadn't noticed plates with bears before. And I have found it too difficult to draw bears on my nails, so this could be very helpful. But then I saw the fish, the horse, and... well, I love animals, so I chose B114. Here is the link for this plate (SPPMB114) on KKCenterHk's web site.
This plate looks like it has no plastic on it, right? That's what I thought, and I feel very stupid...

This is one of the 3 black sticks in the plastic bag that was to the left. It's a kind of modelling clay that looks like a butterfly. Here you see how beautiful and small it is. And my knife in the background is to cut the clay in thin slices, so that I can use it to decorate my nails. For measurement, more information, or to order, click on this link; Black Butterfly Modelling Clay (N.NAIL -DRN276)

This is the other plate. And here you see that the stamping image plates have a protective plastic film, that should be removed before use. I really liked the palm tree, and when it also had those flowers, I chose this one. As you see, the plate is labeled B26, but the full number is SPPMB26. KKCenterHk has several stamping plates with palm trees, but here is the link to this one: N.NAIL Stamping Image Stamp Template Plate SPPMB26

After a little cutting, I had more than enough butterflies to decorate my nails.

I used a scalpel for it, and it was much easier than I expected.

I included some more photos of my new stamping set:

The stamper and scraper.

Here you can take a closer look at the engraved images.
On these last 3 photos I'm trying to show you the red flowers i have stamped on my nails, and which engraved flowers I used to do it.

I'm very pleased with these gifts. And I hope those who found out that it's possible to stamp in this way and use modelling clay in this way, knows how much it means for us in the nail polish world.
KKCenterHk also gave me a coupon code that will give us a 10% discount. It's easy to remember, because it's the name of my blog! :-) Here is my unique coupon code: Nailphotos by Lani And the code expires 31st of January 2014. (Edited January, 2013) 

Thank you KKCenterHk for sending me these beautiful things! I will make specific posts about them later.