Monday, March 25, 2013

mi- ny: #244 I LOVE HONG KONG+ layering

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you one more nail polish from mi- ny: #244 I LOVE HONG KONG (ILHK). It's a green polish with lots of bar/string glitter. I will show you the polish on it's own (on my left hand), and layered over five polishes (on the right hand).

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong

2 coats looked sufficient, but when I looked at the photos, I saw that I needed 3 coats. And as you will see when I try to layer ILHK, it's pretty opaque. In the bottle the glitter looks silver, but on the nail the bar/string glitter looks silver light green and holographic. On the first photo and the next one, I've used 2 coats. The rest are with 3 coats.

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong -2 coats

As many of my nail polishes ILHK is unique in my (not very big) collection, but this time I think I haven't seen any polish like it. From the photos I've seen, the base color of ILHK is not as bright as Toshop 'Hat Trick', and not as dark as Shaka 'Nature', but those are not string glitters.

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong


Here you see the colors I chose to layer ILHK over:

Ready for layering

And here you see the result with 1 coat of ILHK:

1 coat of mi- ny: 'I love Hong Kong'-  layered over 5 green polishes
It totally covered the holographic (Kismet), and I don't see much point in layering it, except for layering over colors like TL Design Bombay. But you could make the bottle last longer, as one coat is enough for layering. I had imagined that ILHK would look gorgeous over black, but after seeing how much it covered the darkest green, I don't think so. You can compare the layering with the picture below:

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong

As I've mentioned before, mi- ny is an Italian brand, and their nail polish is 3- Free, and not tested on animals :-)
(The other mi- ny polishes I have showed so far is the blue 'Blue Sky', and I've used that one and the mint colored 'Klimt' for nail art.)

mi- ny: I love Hong Kong

Have you seen a similar nail polish?



  1. It's a very interesting polish, very pigmented in layerings too. I have a *thing* bout this kind of bar glitter - looks furry somehow LOL