Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage- Polish Days March- Old bottles of polish

My vintage nail polish collection

Hello everyone!

This months Polish Days theme is VINTAGE, so here it is, the old part of my nail polish collection! :-) I'll show you the bottles of course, but I also picked 20 of them to show on a nail wheel. I haven't felt comfortable showing the collection until now, because sadly, I found out that most of these polishes are tested on animals. And most of the few brands that didn't test on animals then, started doing it. But with today's Polish Days theme, and now that the EU has stopped to test cosmetics on animals this week, I felt that I had an excuse to do it. Also, few of these bottles are still for sale.

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I remember that I used to have a few more than this, and I probably threw them away. But if I ever find them, I'll update this post. I promise. I wish someone had told me when I was a child that polish lasts forever. I hope I'll find the nail polish my mother gave me, that I was allowed to play with, some time. It was a green frost in a mini bottle. So I don't have my first polish here. Some of these polishes I've kind of inherited, some are gifts, and some I've bought myself. The oldest bottle I have is about 30 years old, and the youngest of these are about 5- 10 years.

Mary Quant (n6), Beauty Cosmetics (n13) 

As far as I know the Mary Quant polish is the oldest. It was bought in London, UK. It came in a set together with a lipstick in the same pink color. The other pink, from Beauty Cosmetics, must be around 25 years old. (There are no names on the bottles) So those two are definitely vintage, and I don't know where to draw the vintage line, but Jacqui (from The Scolarly Nail) draws the line at nail polish that is older than 5 years of age.

Dior Voyage set

The Dior Voyage set was bought in June 2005 when I was waiting for my next flight in Paris. (Relax, I will not write the story behind every single bottle... If I knew, I might have told you more though...) The top coat gives a "wet look" effect. At least I think so. Here you can see the bottles better:

Dior Addict: 250 (n15), 220 (n11), 290 (n7), 150, 010 (n8) 
I think I'll just show you the bottles first, and of some of them I have more than one photo. Then the nail wheel, and after that some more of the entire collection. I've showed you just a few of the polishes earlier in the "Old bottles of polish" series.

Christian Dior: #489 Cobalt (n2), #709 Techno Blue (n3)

2 Luminelle, Clarins, Guerlain
Yves Rocher: Luminelle: #78 Chátaigne (n16), #96 Brun Moka
Clarins: #201 Acajou Mahogany (n18)
Guerlain: #3 Brun (n19)

Chanel: #186 Rose Paradise (n12), #18 Rouge Noir

Orlane #91 (n20), Lancôme #623

Lisa Deluxe: #63, Kron: #78 (n9)

L'oreal: #410 Nuit Étoilée (n1), #185 Cyber Beige, #904 Bond Muscat

These Estée Lauder bottles have no names. But it looks like a sticker has fallen off one of them. The purple is #4 on the nail wheel, and the pink/ beige is #17. I wasn't able to open the red one.

Helena Rubinstein: #13 Red Magma (n5), #223 Virtual Beige (n14), #262 Lemon Heat (n10)

And here are some more photos of these 3:

I think the last three are more that 5 years of age, but I'm not sure:

IsaDora: #03 Champagne Sorbet, Nivea Beauté: #16 Sea Shell, Max Factor: #600 Wicked White

The nail wheel

I made the nail wheel yesterday and today. I didn't add any thinner, and didn't use top coat, to show the polishes as they are. The 20 polishes on the nail wheel are numbered, so that you under each bottle pic can find a "n" and a number. So for instance number 6 on the nail wheel, is the Mary Quant polish, because I have written "n6" under the Mary Quant bottle photo. Is that ok? Do you want me to make a list here instead?

Zooming in:

The collection

All the old bottles:

My vintage collection
 From above:

My vintage collection

 Most of the bottles:

My vintage collection

I also had a base coat and a green nail polish that didn't have to be removed with nail polish remover. But when I used them, I always ripped off a little layer of my nails, so that's probably the reason why I can't find them. And I had a beautiful classic red. It was nearly empty, when my sister fell in love with it. And I gave it to her. She was going to bring it to the mall to try to find the same color. And I didn't know that I would need the bottle now...

Do you have a vintage nail polish collection? How old is your oldest bottle?



  1. wow THANK YOU for sharing the vintage polishes. really amazing.

  2. Wow your vintage polish collection is amazing! :)

    Aysh xox

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I was afraid there were too many photos. I couldn't decide which ones to leave out.

  3. Glad to know nailpolish lasts forever :-D coz I almost threw out my vintage collection thinking I must be crazy for keeping them.. ur collection is amazing n greatcolors too

    1. Thank you! :-) At least, they last for a long time... LOL! As long as it's possible to save them with shaking or a few drops of thinner, why throw them away? :-)

  4. Do you know how old Dior Techno Blue or Cobalt is? I am trying to do some detective work, and I can't find anything online about old Dior's!

    1. No, I don't remember, and I haven't found anything online either. Sorry! Maybe there is a forum for nail polish collectors? My guess is that they're from the early 90's. Maybe 1993 or 1995? Good luck! Please tell me if you find out. :-)

  5. What a nice vintage collection! Looking at old Dior (Cobalt is perfect!) i feel like i need to have more of these cute bottles (a Chanel collector speaking here:)

    1. Thank you!!! It's not big, but I'm quite pleased with it myself. My polishes are starting to get old now. You do! Yes, Cobalt was the perfect blue! Sorry for answering so late. :-) I would love to see your collection