Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My first entry to Konad Ireland's Black and White Competition

Hello everyone!

Entry #1 

You might have seen this entry on facebook on Saturday, and who won the contest yesterday. But I wanted to show my entries here on the blog too. Diana van Nisselroy really deserved to win the first prize. There were 6 prizes, and he is giving all participants a stamping plate!!! This is my first entry for Konad Ireland's Black and White Competition. I also made my first collage.

About the competition:
Needless to say we had to use black and white, and use Konad stamping plates. I found the competition very interesting, and felt that it made me think. We could choose one of 19 black and white photos as our inspiration. Just head over to Konad Ireland on facebook to see all the Black and White competition themes.

What I did:
I chose the dress on photo #11 as my inspiration. This was the first time I made a collage, so I'm sorry that it doesn't show the whole dress. I started with white nails, and stamped with Konad SN Black and Konad stamping plate m57, m69, and m78, as you can see below. I used more than one plate on the index finger, thumb and pinky.

Konad stamper and scraper, Konad stamping plates m57, m69, and m78
I'm not completely satisfied with the end result, but it is OK. And it has made me want to do more stamping nail art.